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Samsung Galaxy S5 (SV) - Design, specs, release dates, prices, features and innovations

Written By Sansation on Thursday, 2 May 2013 | 09:27

With each and every new Samsung Galaxy S installment (and not only limited to the Galaxy S series) of smartphones the rumors about the next big release intensify week by week. The Galaxy S5 / Galaxy SV is coming! And we sure want to know everything about it! Don't we?

So let's go on a little journey with me and we'll explore the most probable features, specs, design specifications, capabilities, price and all sorts of other stuff related to Samsung's next big thing, the Galaxy S5. Let's go!
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Samsung Galaxy S5 (concept) design features

Samsung Galaxy S6 desugn concept (prototype)
Samsung Galaxy S6 design concept
I can't say I have noticed any huge surprises in the way the Galaxy S design has changed over the couple of years, ever since the launch of the first model back in early 2010 (although I hoped for it), so based on that I just don't expect many revolutionary changes this times around. The Koreans are known to stick to things for years once they are satisfied with it, so that is another indicator that I believe the basic S5 design concept will remain somewhat similar to what we have seen so far.

That being said, I do know that Samsung has been working quite  some time on flexible display technology and we've also seen a concept phone using this technology at CES 2013 , and we are quite exited indeed to find out if this is something that will be incorporated into the SV design. Whether the flexible screen technology will be included in the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is said to have a realease dat in late 2014 (ref. Samsung Galaxy S6 release date) remains, for now, a big question mark on our desk I doubt it will come this time around, but Samsung can be full of surprises at times....

Samsung Galaxy S5 screen / display

The general trend in smartphone land is that the display sizes are constantly being increased (as it seems until we reach a certain ceiling of about 5.6 inch). And that will go on for a little while longer, until we will see a complete new display technology coming around which enables the user to actually choose the display-size according to his particular needs at that very moment (you can find more on that further on this blog). I expect the Galaxy S5 to come with a screen of 5.2 inch, although there are a few rumors that it may even get a little bigger then that! Here are some other highly rumored specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 display:
  • Unbreakable, unscratchable Gorilla 4 glass
  • Super AMOLED plus
  • Full HD, 3D and a very high resolution of 472 PPI
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Also rumored that Samsung will use its newly patented Samsung Youm flexible display in the new Samsung Galaxy S5, which steps away from Gorilla Glass and instead use a polymer as substrate removing the need for glass cover, a metal backing, and touch matrix, combining them into one integrated layer
Here you can see a demonstration of the 
Samsung Youm flexible display (CES 2013) 
Will it be included in the Samsung Galaxy S5?

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Samsung Galaxy S5 release date

When I observe all previous release dates of the Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones it becomes quite evident that they aim to release a new Galaxy S once a year. Based on that plus the fact that Samsung always tries to overshadow its main rival A, I expect... Galaxy S5 release date to be in February 2014.

Filed under: This blog article describes the new smartphone series Samsung Galaxy SV or Sansung Galaxy S5 release date and technical specs. If you want to learn about the new Galaxy s5 features on this blog with price or pricing in Malaysia and UK and also when you're looking for the release date and specs of the Samsung Galaxy SV price in Indonesia, Belgie, Deutschland, France and Espana. For overseas Samsung Galaxy S5 features in countries like Brazil or Venezuela or Canada, we have the latest information on the S5 in the US or United States for pricing and latest price and pictures design.

Samsung Galaxy S5 price

We are receiving rumors that the Galaxy S5 is likely going to be priced around $700 for the US mainland market. This is slightly higher then the S4, but given the many new innovations and capacity enhancements this slight price increase in not a real surprise. The two versions 32 GB and 64 GB Galaxy S5 models will have a price difference of about $30 to $40.

Galaxy S5 to be equipped with in-case fingerprint reader

Smartphone technology has greatly evolved over the past two years, especially anything related to screens and processors. This time around though, a rumor of another kind has emerged, which reveals that Samsung is ready to incorporate fingerprint reading technology into its upcoming Galaxy S5 model.

Based on stereotypes that have recently filtered SamMobile, the South Korean tech company would work on this firmware adaption for a long time. It was even supposed to be developed for the Samsung Galaxy S3, then the S4 and now finally the S5. The fingerprint reader might even be ready for the Galaxy Note 3 . But what is certain is that it will have some impact on the design of the devices.
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  1. I wonder what the Galaxy S5 is gonna cost.. Any info on price?

  2. galaxy s5 will be priced around same price as latest current model gizzy

  3. How much will it cost?

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  5. Cool...I would love to buy it..May i know the price...Might it be around 2thou like the S4...?

  6. It;s rynored that the s5 will it the shelves with a price-tag of $680 to $700 for the 32GB version and around $700 to $720 for the 64GB version. Slightly more cash on the table then the current Galaxy s4 which goes for around $660 for the 16GB.

  7. U gotta be Americans

  8. super price for such a small piece of equipment is it really worth it

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  10. the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Venezuela of all that is when you leave

  11. ...fingerprints for now and dna test for s6....

  12. It will cost $ 720

  13. we are very far from the galaxy s5, but the galaxy note 3 released last day

  14. This is amazing I love the idea of the flexible screens I can't wait for more stuff to come out with the flexible screen!

  15. I want S5. Not only me i think every Galaxy series mobile user will want it. samsung galaxy

  16. They better not make it a sealed battery or they can stick it.

  17. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BV1MVJ0?_encoding=UTF8&camp=15041&creative=373501&linkCode=as3&tag=makrami-20

    Price: $524.40

  18. As the rumors in the market shows that galaxy s6 might come in the second half of 2015 with carbon or metal body as discussed on galaxy s6
    really excited about it.

  19. It is rumored that galaxy S6 come with the ability to record video up to 4k resolution like Xperia Z2 as discussed on http://galaxys6news.com/samsung-s6-specs-review/

  20. I Love the concept for Samsung Galaxy S6, and I am happy to know that this phone is coming with all the new features,

  21. Though Galaxy S5 is an amazing phone but now a days Galaxy S6 is in limelight which will incorporate various new technologies as compared to Galaxy S5 as I have seen on one of the Blog which says various features related to Galaxy S6.

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  26. Samsung Galaxy S5 is really high end smartphone but there is certain need to improve battery performance.

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